Meeting Kat at Fan Fest Chicago 2019

I was planning on posting about my experience meeting Kat sooner but life sadly got in the way the week I was back. However, I think it’s fitting especially since today April 26, 2019 is the one week mark of when I met Kat. Now since this is going to be a long post, I’m putting majority of it behind the read more. Now ask me to describe meeting Kat honestly there is no way. She is so sweet, down to earth, amazing, truly an angel, I could go on. I look up to Kat a lot and meeting her meant so much to me.

Side note: I probably sure I forgot a some stuff and I’ll add it if I do remember but I think I got it all.

First thing Saturday when I got inside 9am (since I had VIP) I went right to Kat’s autograph booth and waited for her to come. My nerves were setting in because it was the first time I was meeting her. When she came out she said hi to all of us standing in line as her manager got everything setup. After I picked the picture I wanted for her to autograph I went over to her and we said hi to each other. I had told her I was the one that sent her the flowers (if you all remember back in January she posted on her Insta Story about the flowers and I let her know they were from me). Kat thanked me again for the flowers and I then proceeded to give her the first set of gifts for the con. Before I gave her the gifts I told her these weren’t all of them. I then gave her two letter K’s that I first made and I gave her a little card with the backstory of me just crocheting those two pieces. I gave her the angelic rune piece also with a backstory card on me crocheting it. Last thing I gave her on day one was a photo of part of the site design and I wrote a personal note on the back of it. She told me she loved my handwriting, which made me smile (since I hate my handwriting). I also asked Kat if she crochets and she told me she only knits since that is what she was taught. I did recommend to Kat a YouTube channel, I love that helped me get better at crocheting if she ever wants to learn. I told Kat how I’ve tried to learn to knit since my grandma used to knit but I only get so far and then mess up. After we chatted she signed my picture and she wrote some phrases down for me since I told her I’d like to get one of them as a tattoo. After all that we took our first selfie together. I thanked her so much for being so sweet and amazing and I told her I’d see her later for our photo op. When I get inside where the photo op is we say hi again and I told her the poses I wanted which were us making a heart with our hands, heads tilted in, and just a normal hug and we took each picture and I quickly told her I’d see her later. After Kat had her solo photo ops she had the Arrow group photo op. I eventually made my way back to Kat’s autograph booth so I can have her sign two of my photos we just took. I joked with Kat’s manager and then said hi to Kat while I was paying and then I went over to Kat. We chatted a little and I jokingly asked when we are getting a Blackstar spinoff. Kat then signed my pictures we had just taken in the photo op and then we took our two selfies. When we were taking the selfies we first did just a normal one and for the second we I wasn’t sure and she said you want to do a silly face and said sure! Before I left I told her thank you again and see her tomorrow! Also, in the morning I was talking to Juliana Harkavy and how I loved the Lost Canary episode and I loved her scenes with Kat and I’d love to see a Blackstar spinoff and just more of her and Kat and Juliana loved it!

Sunday I went to Kat’s autograph booth after going to another person’s first. This time I did two combos as I wanted her to sign the Shadowhunters and Arrow picture. We said hi again and she signed the pictures. We had some time so we chatted for a little bit. I first asked her if she wants to see the gift or wait until our photo op since I want to use it for our photo op and she said she’d forget to bring it, I told her I’d keep it and bring it with me and give it to her after the photo op. I told her to decide and she said it’s to early and she didn’t have coffee yet (I told her I’d go get her coffee but that didn’t happen), but then she decides to see it since we had some time so I showed her it (this was the letter K pillow) and she loved it. I had also asked her before I had shown her the last gift had she read the little notes on the pieces I gave her on Saturday and she said she hadn’t because she was packing (I didn’t tell her this but reason why I asked her was because it had to do with my stubborn to actually do the K pillow as opposed to the standalone K’s). We talked a little bit more about how meeting her means a lot to me and her being an inspiration. I also told her how I love her Monday Motivation posts she does on her Insta Stories and how recently even more so when I was dealing with personal stuff. When I was telling Kat the personal stuff I was about to cry and she told me not to cry. I asked Kat if she has anything upcoming because I’d love to see her in some new projects. Since we had time as well we talked about the poses I wanted to do later for our photo ops and she loved them. Kat also told me to remind her later when I see her at the photo op and I told her I will. We then took our selfies again where I asked her to do a silly face and she responded with ok. I thanked Kat again and told her how I’m going to the Arrow panel and I’d see her later. I went to Juliana Harkavy and did another combo and while there I told Juliana while I loved the guys in the Arrow group photo op, I would have loved to have an Arrow ladies photo op and Juliana said she loved that idea and then her manager said why not just all the DC ladies from The Flash, Legends, Arrow, etc and I was like yes; I then said I’m sure Kat would love that and I said Kat and she looked our way (their autograph booths were right next to each other) and I told Kat about the Arrow/DC ladies group photo op idea and Kat said excitingly yes. Arrow panel came and I just enjoyed watching all of the Arrow cast and Kat. I did not ask a question, I had thought of one but I knew I’d be chicken and I was sure someone else was going to ask it which they did. There was a part during the panel where they were asked what are they going to do after Arrow ends and Rick had talked about food and then Kat had mentioned knitting and then the ladies were saying a knitting group and food and I just smiled because while I don’t knit (at least for now) I just loved that answer. There was so much laughing during the panel with the answers being given. Got into the photo op with Kat and reminded her of the poses and after we did all three pictures, I quickly told her I’d see her later for the autographs and to give her the last gift. While I was waiting for Kat to come back to her autograph booth, I did start to get sad as this would be the last time I see Kat today and probably not for a while. When Kat came this time I gave her the photos I wanted autograph as well as I gave her the letter K pillow with the backstory card. I told Kat that I wish her mom has a Happy Birthday and that I hope she gets to spend sometime with her mom today. I somehow brought up to Kat, how it meant a lot to me that she liked my tweet from that morning and she told me she sees my tweets which made me smile a lot! I told her I’d be posting the picture of us with the pillow K and she told me she’d be looking forward to seeing it (which she did)! I told Kat I’m going to try to make a standalone angelic rune and going to send her it once I do and she really got excited and loved that I want to do that! When it came time for our last selfies we decided to do silly faces again and the last one was it was just like what do we want to do and I said duck face and Kat replied ok and we did a duck face. I must say Kat does an amazing duck face!!!! Kat told me it was lovely meeting me! I also got a hug from her and I’m not talking about a hug we posed for. I didn’t realize I was shaking until after I went over to chairs to put her autograph away. I told Kat thank you several times throughout the times I met her on Saturday and Sunday thank you! I also told her several times on Sunday to have a safe flight.

Also, I can’t remember which day was it, I believe it was Sunday I told Kat I loved her rings and she talked about each one of them she was wearing and one of them was Clary’s.