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Meeting Kat at Fan Fest Chicago 2019

I was planning on posting about my experience meeting Kat sooner but life sadly got in the way the week I was back. However, I think it’s fitting especially since today April 26, 2019 is the one week mark of when I met Kat. Now since this is going to be a long post, I’m putting majority of it behind the read more. Now ask me to describe meeting Kat honestly there is no way. She is so sweet, down to earth, amazing, truly an angel, I could go on. I look up to Kat a lot and meeting her meant so much to me.

Side note: I probably sure I forgot a some stuff and I’ll add it if I do remember but I think I got it all.

First thing Saturday when I got inside 9am (since I had VIP) I went right to Kat’s autograph booth and waited for her to come. My nerves were setting in because it was the first time I was meeting her. When she came out she said hi to all of us standing in line as her manager got everything setup. After I picked the picture I wanted for her to autograph I went over to her and we said hi to each other. I had told her I was the one that sent her the flowers (if you all remember back in January she posted on her Insta Story about the flowers and I let her know they were from me). Continue reading Meeting Kat at Fan Fest Chicago 2019

Welcome to KatMcNamara.Net / Katherine McNamara Daily

Welcome to KatMcNamara.Net / Katherine McNamara Daily

Welcome to Katherine McNamara Daily, your newest fansite dedicated to the talented and lovely Katherine McNamara! I’m excited to be sharing the site I’ve been working on with all of Katherine’s fans all over the world. I’m hoping this site will become your place for everything any Katherine fans might need, such as photos, news, content and more.

Our gallery currently holds over 13,000 photos (including some exclusive content). Don’t forget to keep a watch on the gallery as I continue to work on updating it. You will also notice on the main site and the gallery in the upper right-hand corner is the links to Katherine’s social media as well as the site (which is labeled as KMD). You can find information about Katherine herself, her filmography, and more under the Katherine link in the upper left-hand corner. Stay tuned I’ll be adding more content to the site (if you also have suggestions of things you would like to see, please send an email to using the email icon at the upper right-hand corner) or drop a tweet to us on Twitter.

I hope you all will enjoy the site as much as I have enjoyed building it! I really became a fan of Katherine’s ever since I got into Shadowhunters, however, I did enjoy some of the guest roles I saw in during those years, especially Unforgettable. I really want to say a huge thank you for the help of some of my lovely friends Sara, Marica, and Maria who donated some of the photos. I’d like to also show some lovely for the lovely layout and design that was done by one of my very good and talented friends Carol.

Don’t forget to continue to regularly visit for all the latest news related to Katherine and her career, as well as all the gallery updates. I’d love to hear any feedback and suggestions you might have.